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cathy sheridan - trumpet



photos from the Wicked international tour

proctors theatre - schenectady, ny

march 1-12, 2017


Flint Hawes (associate conductor/keyboard 2), Dan Cordell (trombones), Adam McDonald (keyboard 1), Tim Mulligan (drums)

Kristen Tuttman (keyboard 2 sub), Yvonne Hanbrough (flutes), Dave Boguslaw (guitars), Tom Gerbino (clarinets & saxophone)

Kathy Lowery (percussion), Mike Lawrence (basses), Graham Doig (keyboard 4), Cathy Sheridan (trumpet & flugelhorn)

Jason Curley (horn), Nat Fossner (oboe & english horn), not pictured - Phillip Kirchman (keyboard 3)

Dan Micciche - music director & conductor (where did that mic stand come from, oops)




from the balcony

from the side box

my favorite dragon

my view





is that Dan or a blue spidy ?



we travel in style

what ? never !