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cathy sheridan - trumpet



photos from the Rocktopia national tour

palace theatre - albany, ny

march 30, 2017




front row - Patrice Malatestinic & Victor Sungarian (horns) - Ken Olsen & Gerry Zaffuts (trombones)

back row - Eric Latini & Omar Williams (trumpets)


front row - Tucker Callander, Marge Hickey, Mitsuko Suzuki, Jessica Bellflower (strings)

back row - Nat Fossner, John VanVoris, Norm Thibodeau (reeds)

somewhere in the smoke - Patrick O'Connell, Andre O'Neil, Susan Libby, Holly Larsen, Aurora Manuel (strings)

Cathy Sheridan, Eric Latini, & Omar Williams (trumpets)

center stage - Mark Foster (percussion)







on the red carpet ?