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cathy sheridan - trumpet



photos from the Matilda national tour

proctors theatre - schenectady, ny

december 8-13, 2015



Matthew Smedal (music director/conductor/keyboard 2)

Bill Congdon (children's music director/assistant conductor/keyboard 1)


Anna Stadlman (basses)

Josh Priest (drums & percussion)

Nat Fossner & Tom Gerbino (reeds)

Erica Pickhardt (cello)

Jim Wilson (guitars)

Sean Lowery & Cathy Sheridan (trumpets) / Gerry Zaffuts (trombones)

Kristen Tuttman (keyboard 1 sub)

the 6' x 8' x 5.5' brass box (can we say Chokey)

thinking inside the box

my hardware

my view

whole new meaning to doubling